Non Linear Editing

Duration: 96h

Lectures: 16

Level: Certificate

Type: Part Time

Medium: Sinhala

This course is for those who are interested in computer based non linear editing for Video, Television and Motion Picture and pursuing a career in Electronic communication and Film Industry.

Target Group:
Computer Graphic Designers who need in-depth knowledge in digital movie editing.
Those who are familiar with traditional film, TV and editing equipment and pursuing a career in modern digital movie editing
Film and TV artists who seek to gain technical knowledge for their career development. Web Masters and others who deliver digital movies to the Internet.
School leavers who wish to learn the art of Non Linear editing for career development.

Course Outline:

  • An Introduction to Non linear Editing
  • Power of Visual Communication
  • Script writing Basics
  • The DV, DV CAM & DV CPRO Formats
  • Movie codecs Creating a rough cut Special effects
  • Capturing movies for online editing
  • Audio &Titles
  • Producing final movie
  • Creating movie files to the internet