Diploma in Graphic Design

Duration: 1y

Lectures: 3h per week

Level: Diploma

Type: Part Time

Medium: Sinhala

Diploma in computer Graphic Design helps to develop students’ knowledge and skills in Digital Graphics through a series of visual design, interactive and motion graphics, theory lectures, lab-time and portfolio projects. This programmed also emphasizes on the concept development and the idea of the Digital Graphic Design to enhance students’ creative direction.

Students’ artistry and creativity are enhanced by working with Print, Illustration, Design, Layout, Digital image creation and manipulations. Technically, the participants are equipped with a solid foundation in operating the latest and widely used Hardware and software in the designing industry.

Target Group:

• Students who have followed the certificate course in computer Graphic Design course at SLIOP
• Designers and art directors
• Anyone who is having similar qualifications and wishes to enhance skills in Graphic Design Management

Course Outline:

Concepts and Fundamentals, Design Principles, Typography, Color Theory, Offset Prepress and Printing, Digital Photography, Scanning, Raster Graphics, Vector Graphics,
Page Layout, Outputting for Offset Printing, Offset Litho Printing, Hardware Elements, Open Source software, Advertising & promotion,  Marketing, Web Design, Portfolio, Costing, Accounting, Business Plan