Design for Print

Duration: 1y

Lectures: 3h per week

Level: Certificate

Type: Part Time

Medium: Sinhala

The course will give students the opportunity to develop skills in layout and visualizing, and acquaint them with the tools of graphic design. At the end of the course the student should have practical knowledge of the stages of artwork and print production: to prepare visual to slut a marketing need and printing process, mission the needed artwork. Provide specifications for the artwork components, evaluate the artwork and give Instructions for the production of the art work In the printing presses. The student will be expected to gain familiarity with the correct terminology used in the graphic arts industry.

Target Group:
Personnel employed in Pre – press, printing & Advertising Industry and Editorial Staff of publishing Organizations, who wish to enhance knowledge and skills in Graphic Design Applications in order to process digital images for printing & web design.

Course Outline:
• Designing in a printing Context
• Objective and subjective design
• Purpose related design
• Design as a planning process
• Communication Theory
• The Designer as a communicator
• Preparing the message & Basic Design
• Physical factors: space: texture, balance, harmony, contrast. Shape etc.
• Light and color: physical and psychological & Typography
• Development of letter forms
• Printed Type: cold and hot metal, photo-composition, computer type
• The classification, choice and use of type using type in multi-lingual environment
• Type specification and proof-correction
• Final artwork and components, Mechanical preparation, specifications for reproduction
• Illustration, Charts, diagrams, Photographs, Computer Aided Design
• Digital and manual artwork compared
• Bitmaps and Vectors: File Formats, Digital Artwork