Book Binding & Finishing

Duration: 84h

Lectures: 28

Level: Certificate

Type: Part Time

Medium: Sinhala

Certificate Course in Book Binding & Finishing for those who are interested inallaspects of Print Finishing, Including Book binding and pursuing a career in Book Binding and Finishing

Target Group:

Personnel employed in the Printing industry who intend to improve their Book Binding and Finishing knowledge.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Book Binding & Finishing
  • Usage of Materials, Equipment and tools
  • Planning Imposition & Printing of a book work and their relationship in Book Binding & Finishing
  • Cutting paper sheets & cutting Machines
  • Folding Sheets & Folding Machines
  • Preparing Books for securing signatures together
  • Securing methods of a Book work
  • Operations which are carried out after sewing and before covering a book
  • Covering methods of Books
  • Re-binding Repairing and Preservation of old Books
  • Miscellaneous operations in Binderies
  • Preparation of photo album